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What if I place order with wrong values?

If you give wrong orders parameters, broker api may not place your orders. In this case, you will get error message from Broker API:
– Status not returned
– invalid order parameters
– Order rejected.

For example, if expiry is wrong in symbol settings, broker api will give error.

Also, if the combination of ordertypes is wrong, broker api will give error. Example, certain brokers allow only Limit as order type within Bracket Order. But if you place BO with MKT order, the broker API will give you error.

Brokers have price limits for SL/TGT in BO and CO. If you place BO/CO with far-off SL/TGT, the broker API may give error. During volatile markets, there are even price limits for Limit order price.

If you are not sure about correct order parameters, we recommend you to send an order manually through broker’s web terminal. It will help you to understand your broker’s acceptable order parameters.

What if the Bridge “disconnects” with Broker API?

Usually, the Broker API invokes account login form in browser. If the login fails for any reason, you will receive a Troubleshoot pop-up with API specific details. After login, the API allows to communicate during a “session”. This session automatically expires at the end of trading day. This effectively means you need to login every day to “start session”.

The session may also expire if you login to API from another device. In this case, you will see error message “Invalid Session” or “Invalid Token”. To resolve this, go to APIBridge folder, then Data folder and delete Cache.alg file. Then try fresh login to API. Some brokers also do not allow login via different platforms. If you login from mobile app, you may get “logged out” or your session may break from APIBridge.