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As we all know, APIBridge works on Signals.

AlgoJi APIBridge Documentation

Signals are of 4 types: Long Entry (LE), Long Exit (LX), Short Entry (SE), Short Exit (SX).

Cover Order (CO) and Bracket Order (BO) are special type of multi-orders which contain both entry and exit.

CO places a stop loss to exit the position created with another order.

BO places both a stop losss and target to exit the position created with another order.

Since BO and CO already have exit orders, you should send them only with entry signals i.e. LE and SE

There is no way to exit or modify a BO/CO once it is sent via LE/SE in APIBridge. Because, it already contains the exit order when you first send it.

You should not send BO/CO with LX/SX from APIBridge, because it falls out of logic with how Signals work. If you use LX/SX with product type BO/CO, the Bridge will simply treat it like usual exit of MIS/NRML.

To exit or modify BO/CO, or to cancel it, always use your broker terminal.

APIBridge enforces system based trade execution. Since BO/CO already have exit orders, it does not falls in logic with APIBridge to try to exit them separately.