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With only one arrow, some AFL give repeated Buy signals. Check tools->preferences->intraday. The default Timestamp of intraday bars is set to End Time of Candle in old Amibroker versions.

We should change it to recommended settings of Start Time of Candle.

Too many orders can also be placed if AFL is faulty.

Important: Preventing Strategy From Misfire

Note these very important features we have made to limit your losses, even when strategy misfires. Go to Application Settings-> Signal Settings

By specifying the max orders per minute and max trades per minute, you can avoid too many orders getting placed. Even if your strategy misfires.

In symbol settings we have MaxOpenPosition. It does not allow to create long/short position beyong specified quantity, even if the strategy misfires.

The MaxLoss attempts to squareoff your trade in Unrealized MTM goes below the specified value.

Wrong price sent in order

You should be very careful in sending Limit orders in Amibroker. Because very few AFLs are programmed to send the Limit order price.

We recommend you to take professional help from a programmer to fix problems in your AFL code. If AFL gives wrong price, you can still use it with market orders. Markets orders are sent to broker with 0 price always