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You can send Bracket Orders from TradingView either using buttons (basic) or using Alerts (advanced). Cover Orders can be sent only through Alerts.

In APIBridge Symbol Settings, remember to change Product Type to BO . Also, the order type should be correct. Some brokers allow ONLY market orders in BO, while some allow ONLY limit orders in BO. Important: To learn how BO works, you should first send BO manually through Broker’s trading terminal, before using BO in APIBridge. See here more details on symbol settings.

Note Bracket Order functionality is subject to broker. All brokers do not provide this functionality. Most brokers provide BO functionality, but without Trail SL functionality.

Sending Bracket Orders from Buttons

Click on the Chrome Extension settings. Specify the SL and TGT percent you want to use in BO.

Trigger Price, SL, TGT is calculated using SL in settings and LTP from chart.

Points to Remember:
1. Use only LE or SE buttons to place BO. Do not use LX or SX. Because you enter into a position via BO. To modify/exit BO/CO, use your brokers web terminal. See here.
2. Using buttons, you cannot place BO using different underlying. Example: you cannot send BO in Nifty Option using Nifty Spot chart. Because SL and TGT are calculated using LTP of chart. For different underlying, use Alerts.

Sending Bracket Order from Alerts (Advanced)

If you want to send custom Price, SL or TGT, use alerts. You can even code in pinescript to shoot SL and TGT based in indicators or price levels.

Price, TrigPrice, SL and TGT can be specified manually or programmatically in alerts. See Examples 6 here with details.

Points to Remember:
1. Values in alerts have precedence over values in settings. If price is 100; you specify SL: 1.5 in alert; specify 2% SL in settings. Then SL 1.5 will be sent in Signal to APIBridge because it has higher precedence.
2. To send BO/CO based on indicators, see video below
3. Alerts give you complete flexibility to control all parameters in Signal.

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