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For various reasons, you may like to run multiple instances of APIBridge on same computer. Each instance gives you full power with different logins.  For example, you may like to trade at same -time in 5 family accounts. This can be easily done via multi-instance.

Before proceeding, make sure you are already familiar with APIBridge platform.

Step 1: Create a multi-instance setup as shown in video below. Ignore the Admin part.

Step 2: For each setup, use a different port. Go to Application Settings -> Signal settings and change Default TCP port in different instance like 30001, 30002, 30003 etc. Do NOT change the port of the instance you want to use with TradingView.

Step 3: In the AFL, look for Algoji_Signal(). Here, replace stag by stag+”|30001″ etc. Make multiple lines of Algoji_Signal() as per the required instances.


AlgoJi_Signal(NumToStr(Nz(StaticVarGet("counter")),0,False), "SX",sym,"MARKET","",bp,qty,instr,stag);

After Edit:


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