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In order to connect with any third-party-app like MultiCharts, MotiveWave, Metastock, Esignal, TradeStation etc. In this case you can make use of connector utility. You can write Signal data in a csv/txt file, Connector app will read it for trading via the APIBridge.

In case if background reading is required you can check out this link.: Signal Parameters, Format and Protocol in APIBridge.

Connector utility is a very small program. Download from here, once downloaded you have unzip the file.

Connector  App file location

Now that you have installed the application follow these steps. Click Browse and select the path of the txt/csv file. We have included one sample text file for testing purpose. Click Start on connector app; and make sure Trading also begins in APIBridge. Whenever you make any change in text file and save it, the signal will be received by APIBridge.

Start on connector app
  • To fire multiple signals at once, simple add multiple rows with signal data in the text file.
  • To trade in multiple accounts, you can send each signal with different port. All functionalities of the Signal are supported via connector app.
  • Simply code in your third-party app like MultiCharts, MotiveWave, Metastock, Esignal etc. to rewrite the Signal in text file whenever there is Buy/Sell trigger.