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Consider this problem: you may be trading in 100 different symbols, all with different quantities. You can specify the quantity in APIBridge->Symbol Setting.
However, if you want to scale-in to positions, it will be difficult to code all quantities in your strategy program such as Amibroker or MT4.
Also, for scale-out also, if you want to exit (say) 40% of all net positions, it will be difficult to code for all different quantities.

The problem amplifies if you are trading in multi-client accounts.

To solve this problem, we have additional hack in Signal protocol call Qty Multiplier. Before reading further, you should be thorough in coding Signal for all available parameters.

Qty multiplier for LE/SE/LX/SX

In the signal:

Qty can also be given as Qty|EntryQtyMultiplier|ExitQtyMultiplier

Final qty for order placeemnt for LE/SE= int(Qty(from signal/ui) * EntryQtyMultiplier)
Final qty for order placeemnt for LX/SX= int(NetPos * ExitQtyMultiplier); where ExitQtyMultiplier = Min(1, ExitQtyMultiplier)

Scale-in Example:
AlgoJi_Signal(“1”, “LE”,”AA”,”L|NRML”,””,”305″,”100|3″,”EQ”,”STG1″);
In symbol settings assume qty is null
Qty for order placement = int(100*3) = 300

Scale-out AlgoJi_Signal(“1”, “LX”,”AA”,”L|NRML”,””,”305″,”100|1|0.5″,”EQ”,”STG1″);
Qty for order placement = int(200 *0.5) = 100