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If you face any of the following problems

  • APIBridge Extension for Chrome does not turn green, it remains red even when APIBridge is running
  • Extension throws some error
  • LE/SE buttons come and disappear on chart
  • Extension misses signals. That is, an alert appears in TradingView, but signal does come in APIBridge

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are using latest version v3.4. To check version, click on 3 dots on top right of Chrome. Then click on More Tools and Extensions. If you do not have the latest version, setup as per instructions here.
  2. You should see message that Your Browser is managed by your organization as per above screenshot. If not, either APIBridge has never been used on your computer, or your computer security settings have blocked APIBridge. To solve this issue, you need to contact your IT administrator
  3. When you start APIBridge, you should see a message TradingView handshake completed. If not, it means your computer security settings have blocked APIBridge. To solve Firewall issues, see here. To solve antivirus issues, see here.
  4. If buttons come and disappear, make sure you have clicked Start Trading in APIBridge
  5. If you get error: “package is invalid:crx_required_proof_missing” then your computer security is not allowing registries. Restart computer and try again. Optionally you can use Opera browser.

APIBridge Extension randomly misses signal

APIBridge extension has been tested very thoroughly by third-party agencies. Rest assured, it will never randomly miss a signal. In worst case, it will not connect with APIBridge and may not work at all – depending on your computer security. But it will not miss any signal.

If you faced the issue of signal being missed, the chances are your browser hung up when alert came, and later restored back to normal. You are advised not to open too many tabs, and do not strain your Chrome browser during live trading.