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You may like to place trade in NIFTY options or futures using Nifty spot charts. Here is How you can trade in derivatives by TradingView using underlying ?

You may also like to trade in one symbol based on trigger from another symbol. For example, you notice HDFC is about to break above important resistance level – and you think ICICI will also go upwards based on momentum. You are already Long in HDFC. Now, you want to go Long in ICICI at breakout level.

You may also like to trade in domestic commodity contracts (MCX) based on international commodity levels.

The first case is nicely shown in video above; the second and third case are just extrapolation of first. Here are few important points you should not miss:

Input Symbol vs Exchange Symbol

The input symbol should be same as TradingView chart symbol (called underlying). The exchange symbol should be same as the symbol of contract without expiry. In the alert box, if you just mention the type, trade will go (see example below).

Input Symbol vs Exchange Symbol

Alternatively, you can also put an easier symbol as Input Symbol if the underlying is same for different instruments. In example below, input symbol is BNCALL. Here, it is also mandatory to put this symbol in alert box.

input symbol is BNCALL-Symbol

Price and Order Types, PnL which need Price (Paper Trading)

The above examples are same as that shown in video, but they are good only for Market Orders.

By default, price is picked from the tradingview chart. Limit, SLL and SLM orders need correct price. For example, if you try to place a Limit Order in Option at the price of Underlying, it may cause issues. So, please use only Market Orders in APIBridge Symbol Settings.

If you want to use order types which need price, you should also mention the price in alert box as shown below. In paper trading also, price from signal is required to calculate PnL. In live trading, PnL is calculated based on actual traded price returned by broker API, so PnL shows correctly regardless whether TradingView provides the price or not.