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APIBridge allows Risk Management at 3 different levels

  1. Preventing Strategy misfire through Signal Rules
  2. Capping Max Loss/Max Profit per trade, and Capping Max Open Position per stock. Also Time-based squareoff for intraday traders
  3. MaxOrderPerMinute, MaxTradesPerDay, MaxSymPos, Daily Max Loss

MaxOrderPerMinute: The maximum Signals which will be allowed per minute. By ignoring signals which exceed per minute interval, the Bridge limits the orders which can be placed per minute.

MaxTradesPerDay: The maximum LE/SE signals that will be processed per day. LX/SX signals which are used only to exit a position are not counted in Max Trades limit.

MaxSymPos: The maximum symbols (stocks) in which bridge will create positions for the particular strategy.

Daily Max Loss: If Realized MTM loss is greater than this limit, new LE/SE signals will be ignored. Note this limit is NOT based on Unrealized MTM. This feature uses Cumulative P/L values from TradeHistory, and is currently under Beta mode.

Note that Daily Max Loss does not work on live (unrealized) PnL. It works on PnL from closed trades (realized MTM).