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Version 2.2.436.x

  • Broker API Logs are now disabled for security purposes
  • Performance Improvement for Cloud users

Chrome Extension v4.2 Release

  • Click here to open Chrome Extension update page. Alternatively, copy-paste this link in Google Chrome:
  • Changes from v4.1: Due to changes in, older extensions will not show algo buttons anymore. If you want to use LE/LX/SE/SX buttons, remove the older one and update to v4.2
  • Changes from v3.4: It does not truncate chart symbols compared to v3.4. Also it supports, full signal format, see examples here. You can use it with multiple accounts by custom ports.

Version 2.2.435.x2.2.436.x

  • Stability Updates

Version 2.2.431.x

  • Chrome Extension v4.1 is available. It does not truncate chart symbols compared to v3.4. Also it supports, full signal format, see examples here. You can use it with multiple accounts by custom ports.
  • Telgram Notifications are available now, see here how to enable them
  • Under Application Settings->Backup & Restore, new feature to backup data online. It is currently in beta mode.
  • Under Symbol Settings, if the Future/Options symbol expires, APIBridge will automatically update to next week/month contract when you restart it.
  • Performance improvement, specially for trading with Fyers
  • Advanced users can now bypass all symbol settings. See details at bottom of this page.
  • Security Updates

Version 2.2.430.x

  • Most Awaited APIBridge Cloud is available! See details here
  • Webhook functionality is complete stable, tested with 1000+ trades. See here how to use it.
  • Bug Fix: Entry From and Entry To time interference with connecting with Chrome Extension
  • Security Updates

Version 2.2.427.x

  • New tab under Application Settings-> Signal Source. All signal source related settings are migrated to this tab.
  • New feature: Webhook Signals. Webhook functionality will be propagated by Monday, 31st August. Watch this page for webhooks.
  • New feature: Export button for Trade History and Order History. This is can be useful for analysis.
  • New feature: Symbol Search box in symbol settings
  • Bug Fix: If you delete all templates (except JumpStart), then create new, depending on few conditions it may throw error.
  • Bug Fix: If you are using current template to send orders in live trading, but then switching to a template which was used to place order in paper trading, it will start placing orders in paper trading without showing the update mode.
  • Security Updates

Version 2.2.425.x

  • Security Update
  • Connector App released, see here

Version 2.2.422.x

  • Super-fast order placement! With this version, the optimal order processing time gets under 7ms!!! On an average computer [i5 4th Gen, 8GB RAM], the order processing time via TradingView tested less than 50ms. See details here

Version 2.2.419.44

  • Performance improvement for handling signals and order flow. APIBridge remains the fastest algo software available for retail. See details here.

Version 2.2.419.40

  • Excel Plugin stable released ! See here
  • Better handling of invalid Signal data. From now, use only Limit Orders in Paper Trading. More details here.
  • New login window

Version 2.2.418.33

  • Error codes added for API login

Version 2.2.418.32

  • Stable version with error codes for symbol settings. If any symbol setting is wrong, an error code will be displayed in message window. You can click on the error code for exact solution from help manual.

Version 2.2.418.26

  • Security Update

Version 2.2.418.20

  • Released this wonderful, collaborative wiki that you see! Expect new articles will be uploaded every day 🙂 You can comment on any article on this wiki to help us improve it.
  • Released APIBridge Extn v3.4, which does not require Developer Mode. You can update from here. Now, this is the ONLY officially maintained version of APIBridge Extn. We found that Developer mode was creating following bugs depending on Chrome version, all of which are solved in v3.4 (A) if first window is closed after popup , if same alert comes it skips. (B) TGT, SL ,TRIG are updating from popup regardless alert has defined or not. i.e pop up setting has highest precedence. (C) alert is not working if price is not updated or set in alert. (D) Screener alert are not working
  • Templates – you can save all your Symbol, Signal, Risk and Strategy settings in a single template. Read about it here.
  • Known Bugs are listed, you can see here. You may also help us with private feedback here.

Version 2.2.417

  • · Minor bug fixes in MaxProfit, MaxLoss and SquareOff.

Version 2.2.409

  • API Logs are now available when you click on Show Full Logs. Also added search bar with navigation buttons Find Next and Find Prev.
  • Default column sequence of Trade History window changed.

Version 2.2.407

  • DailyMaxLoss feature added under Risk Management
  • Color coded summary row under Risk Management
  • TradeHistory has now color codes Signal Type and Profit/Loss
  • Minor bug fixes to improve application stability

Version 2.2.406

  • Global Risk Management settings under Application Settings has been removed. These settings are now available under Risk Management tab. You can now use risk management both at Global level and Strategy level. More risk management settings will be released soon.
  • MaxSymPos added under Risk Management
  • Condition – “Avoid consecutive order placement with same values” added under Application Settings->Signal rules
  • Signal values are now case insensitive
  • Bug fix regarding email notifications
  • Minor bug fixes to improve application stability