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Trade History shows you all details about an order which are important for system trading. It has additional details like ID, Strategy Tag (Stag), Signal Type (SigType), Cumulative PnL and Holding Time.

Columns marked with * are in beta mode.

Trade statistics like Realized PnL and Cumulative PnL depend on Traded Price. In live trading, the traded price for all orders is the actual traded price given by Broker API. See more about API Connection here.

Please note, trade history shows only trades on current PC date. Currently there is no provision to see trade history from past dates.


All orders get filled in Paper Trading. If you are sending Price in order, it will be considered as traded price. If 0/null price is sent in Signal, then it will show 0 price. PnL in trade history also depends on order price; so it may show wrong values. This is the biggest difference in Paper vs Live trading. Because in live trading, the Price/PnL calculations are taken based on actual values given by Broker API. You are advised to use only Limit Orders in paper trading with valid price in Signal also.