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The Net Positions tab shows all Net Positions created via orders placed only from Bridge. The Bridge maintains in your local computer the Net Positions, based on order status returned from API.

This tab also shows your Equity Margin, as returned from the Broker API.

Your NetPositions in Bridge may not match your actual NetPositions which you see in Broker terminal. This can happen because of two reasons:

  1. Bridge did not receive update on order status from API. Since there is no information whether the order was completed or not, the NetPosition could not be updated. Check API Errors for details
  2. You placed trades outside the bridge (through broker terminal or other means).

Sync Net Position: This button syncs all net positions with your broker terminal. If you net positions are not displayed correctly because of any reason from above, you can use sync net position button to update your positions.

SquareOffAll: is a panic button which squares off all positions, and stops receiving any new signals. It may also cancel all Open Orders based on Signal Settings

NOTE: Changing Net Positions functionality is currently in beta mode. Do not use it.


All orders get filled in Paper Trading. If you are sending Price in order, it will be considered as traded price. If 0/null price is sent in Signal, then it will show 0 price. PnL in trade history also depends on order price; so it may show wrong values. This is the biggest difference in Paper vs Live trading. Because in live trading, the Price/PnL calculations are taken based on actual values given by Broker API. You are advised to use only Limit Orders in paper trading with valid price in Signal also.