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Here are other versions of this issue:

  1. Signals randomly skipped – Out of 10 signals on chart, 8 were received in APIBridge but 2 were not received
  2. Signal are coming from only active chart
  3. Signals are not coming in APIBridge at all

Signals randomly skipped

If you are trading with real-time data, it can only happen because of problem with AFL. See videos below how to check AFL issues. You can cross-verify by using sample AFL in Amibroker Jump Start.

If you are using bar-replay, and you still face issue with sample AFL, then probably the data provided by your data vendor is corrupt. During careful bar-replay, you will find that signal comes on second-last bar instead of last bar. To solve this issue

In Amibroker go to Tools->Preferences->Intraday and make sure to tick START time of interval.
In bar-replay, put step-interval to minimum possible. Example: using 1-minute step interval with chart time frame of 5-minute.
In AFL parameters, use Candle Completion instead of Immediate.

Signal are coming from only active chart

If you are facing this issue, you are probably not using any of the recommended automation codes given here. Add this line of on top of your AFL code:

RequestTimedRefresh( 1, onlyvisible = False );

Signals are not coming in APIBridge at all

You might APIBridge Chrome extension installed. Uninstall it and restart your computer. Then complete the jump start setup for Amibroker.